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Costa Paracas

The city of Paracas is located in a privileged area of Peru, in the District of Pisco in the Department of Ica, in the Pacific desert ecoregion, it is a system that runs along the western coast of South America from the Pacific to the Andes.

It offers a subtropical climate that provides special conditions for activities of all kinds, and because of its proximity to the sea, Paracas is a bay-shaped spa.

Paracas has been declared a regional reserve for migratory birds. In addition visitors can observe the different ecosystems, archaeological remains and the great diversity of marine fauna in the area.

The climate is typical of the desert with temperatures above 30 ° C, and in winter, the temperature drops to 10 ° C in the evenings. The name of Paracas means "rain of sand" because in this place the winds are bearers of sand; these winds can reach a speed of 32 km per hour.

Paracas National Reserve

It is the star activity of the area.
This reserve was created in 1975 and receives a number of 100 thousand visitors per year. Located in the most desert area of the coast of Peru, but at the same time in one of the richest cold water currents sea areas.

You can find birds such as pelicans, tendrils, parihuanas, arctic plovers, Peruvian potoyunco or Humboldt penguins; mammals such as the buzzard or buffoon; fish such as stingray or pampano; or other fascinating animals like muimuy, gecko or leatherback.

And also discover the magic of "El Candelabro", a geoglyph of 120 meters in length, as well as the remains of the imposing rock formation of "The Cathedral".

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