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The City of Cusco

Also known as Cuzco or Qosqo, it is considered the archaeological capital of America, it was the main city of the Inca Empire.

It was the center of the millennium Tahuantinsuyo (the Empire of the Incas) and is now the most visited city of Peru to offer great architectural and spiritual wealth, history, nature, adventure, art, gastronomy and customs that are kept alive.

Cusco is "Cultural Heritage of Humanity" by UNESCO.

Cusco Historical Center

The historical center of the city of Cusco, it was projected and designed by the Incas, with colonial buildings built on the basis of the ancient royal palaces, within its ancient walls.

There are several alternative circuits that can be done on foot, and are signposted on the streets.

Main Square
It is located in the same place that Plaza Huacaypata, which was traced when founding the city of Cusco in century XII.

Around were built the royal palaces of the Inca kings Pachacutec, Sinchi Roca, Viracocha, Tupac Yupanqui, Huayna Capac and the Acllahuasi (Temple of the Virgins).

Today, buildings from the Spanish era such as the Cathedral, the Church of the Company, the portals, arches and mansions remain.

We recommend that you visit the traditional and picturesque neighborhood of San Blas, where you will find high quality local crafts, traditional bars and cafes always surrounded by cobbled streets and balconies from where you can contemplate this neighborhood and the entire city of Cusco.


The museums of Cusco are oriented to show different aspects of the Pre-Inca, Inca, Colonial and Republican culture, and are distributed throughout the city.

We highlight:

  • Inka Museum:
  • It keeps the main archaeological collection in Peru that reflects the Inca culture and other cultures of the Cusco region.
  • Museum of Pre-Columbian Art:
  • It is located in La Cabrera House, which was remodeled to house the first and only Peruvian museum dedicated to highlight the art of the ancient cultures of Peru, the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art (MAP).
  • Santa Catalina Museum:
    Works of art with religious themes.
  • Casa Concha Museum:
    It is located in the well-known "La Casa Concha" and it exhibits the pieces of Machu Picchu returned by Yale University.


Around Cusco the Incas built fortresses like Sacsayhuaman, temples like Qoricancha, Qenko and Tambomachay, if you wish, you will be able to know these imposing places hiring the City Tour, in the tour you will see the ingenuity and art of Inca constructions.

Near the city of Cusco you can visit archaeological sites, beautiful villages, and natural landscapes, such as Chinchero, Maras, Moray, Tipón, Andahuaylillas, Raqchi, and where you can also enjoy and know the traditions and folklore typical of Peru.


  • From Lima, 1,165 km (724 miles) (via Nazca)
  • From Arequipa, 625 Km. (388 miles)
  • From Puno, 389 Km. (241 mi)
  • From Puerto Maldonado, (Tambopata): 530 Km. (331.25 miles)

Cusco-MachuPicchu Train

Machu Picchu is considered the main tourist destination in Peru and one of the most visited places in the world.

Located at 2360 meters above sea level and in the valley of the Urubamba River, Machu Picchu dazzles those who visit it with its beauty and mystery.

It can be reached using Peru's railroad transportation, on the Belmond Hiram Bingham, Vistadome and Expedition trains. Buy your train tickets to travel Machu Picchu from here.

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