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What to visit in Lima

Do not miss visiting the most important places of the city of Lima like "Huaca Huallamarca", a pyramid of pre-Inca adobe.

Discover the Larco Museum, taste a delicious dessert in the Café del Museo Historico, and visit the center of Lima, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, visit the Convent of Santo Domingo, one of the best preserved places of the Colonial era and from its tower you may enjoy a great view of the city. Finally you can contemplate the change of guard at the Government Palace.

Larco Museum

In the museum, you can see the best collections of pre-Columbian art in Peru.
It includes the best collection of gold and silver of ancient Peru and the famous collection of "erotic" art.
In the Café del Museo, do not forget to try the "lucuma" cream, a local fruit from Peru.



Miraflores is the most important and distinguished neighborhood in Lima. It has many interesting sites such as the Kennedy Park, the Miraflores roundabout, the "Love Park", with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, the Larcomar shopping center, the Green Coast, Huaca Pucllana, the first ruins of Lima before the Inca period, and much more.